Translation : Sam Shore

A hip-hop set at a techno festival ? That might have upset a lot of the of the purists, but for the true music lovers it was a real treat. Electronic music and hip-hop have always been linked and Robert Hood’s hometown of Detroit has always been a hotbed of American hip-hop (J Dilla, Royce da 5’9”, Xzibit, Eminem...). 

So it was an inspired move by Brice Coudert, Weather’s AD, to invite Mr. Hood and reinforce that association with this symbolic choice. It was actually doubly inspired because Robert Hood is also a lover of old school hip-hop and he ended up covering some great old classics from Nas to Mobb Deep by way of Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Lil Kim.

This idea came almost by accident, Brice Coudert told us a few months ago. “We had Robert Hood play at the last Weather Winter. After his set, he and I had a long talk about hip-hop and rap in the 90’s and that led to a discussion about him doing a pure hip-hop set at Concrete. In the end, I decided to invite him to Weather instead. He remembered his “promise” when I brought up our talk and it all fell into place pretty easily. Don’t forget, he was the MC at the heart of Underground Renaissance, the guy who held the mic.”

Robert Hood has made the set available on SoundCloud. Enjoy.