Since December 2014, Nina Kraviz has used her successes to support her petits protégés with the help of her label Trip. The Russian artist now prepares to launch her sixth release, containing music from various artists including a few regular faces: Bjarki, Barcode Population, Nina Kraviz of course, and a special guest by the name of Aphex Twin.

The news comes as a surprise, especially as the creator of "Drukqs" has been known to reserve his productions for R&S, Warp or his own label Rephlex, since the start of his career in the early 90s. "p-string" is actually an old piece broadcasted for the first time in 1995 during the show of John Peel on the BBC. So Richard D. James also signals the return of his alias AFX, under which he hasn't released anything since 2005.

Entitled “When I Was 14”, the compilation will be released on May 20.

Tracklist :

A1 Bjarki - Baepolar
A2 Nina Kraviz - Don’t Mind Wrong Keys
B1 AFX – p-string
C1 Bjarki – Naked Naked
C2 Barcode Population – Temple Ball
D1 Biogen – Untitled
D2 PTU - Taorak