Clem Beatz - Trouble in Paradise
Echo 6 - Private Planet Acces
Fhin - Your Heart Sounds Like
Viken Arman (NU Remix) - Rosas
Roman Couder & Patawawa - Back to Life
Robert Robert - Third Eye
Laurent Garnier - Wise Words for No-Life Guacamoles (Claude Remix)
Ujo - One More Day
Broken - Everything
Frame - In Vain
Parra for Cuva (Denis Yashin Remix) - Small Flowered
Jumo - Aléa
Emil Berliner - Meuterei
Popof - Vabern
Cinnamon Chasers - Radar
Flabaire - Local Control
Luciano Jaw (Dennis Ferrer) - 7 Directions
Skence feat Raneen - Home
Frivolous - Ostalgia
Falqo (Dan Bravo Remix) - Sleepy Crusader
Fakear - La lune rousse
François 1er - Cold Currents
SoloWg & Leonard Bywa - Docks (Shacklo Remix)
Zwette feat Poulecard - Feel
DyE - Cocktail Citron (The Hacker Remix)
Couzare feat Cosy - Just
Gilb'R - Le maitre des illusions
Umeme afrorave - Agama (Mawimbi Remix)
Rework - Candy and Kong
Dousk - Lein

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