Create the future with elements of the past, this is what Amentia hopes to succeed in.

For Amentia, music is a surge of emotions. Building on their classical training and many years of jazz practice respectively as pianist and percussionist, Raphaël & Etienne leap into electronica to form Amentia, a Techno-Electronica duo revealing a passion for mesmerizing melodies and old school synths.

Their originality relies on a bold harmonization of musical scales and universes, a sharp alternance of hypnotic and melancholic sounds exploring both sadness, epic, nostalgic, joy and fantasy. A resolute desire for beauty rooted in their wide musical taste, ranging from jazz and blues to classical music and psychedelic rock.

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Recevez tous les mercredis un récap de l'actu et une curation des meilleurs sons de la semaine.

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